Books by Spartan Contributors

by Ross McMeekin

Congratulations to our contributors for their 2016 and 2017 book publications.



Donna Miscolta – Hola and Goodbye (Carolina Wren Press)

Jensen Beach – Swallowed by the Cold (Graywolf)

Tara Laskowski - Bystanders (SFWP Literary Awards)

Ben Tanzer – Be Cool (Dock Street Press)

Jodi Paloni – They Could Live With Themselves (Press 53)

Allegra Hyde – Of This New World (Iowa Short Fiction Award)

Len Kuntz – I’m Not Supposed to Be Here and Neither Are You (Unknown Press)

Paul Luikart – Animal Heart (Hyperborea Press)

Bernard Grant - Fly Back at Me (Yellow Chair Press) and Puzzle Pieces (Paper Nautilus)


Forthcoming in 2017

Ben Loory – Tales of Falling and Flying (Penguin)

Tatiana Ryckman – I Don’t Think of You (Until I Do) (Future Tense Press)