Submissions are now open...

by Ross McMeekin

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Note that, starting with the Spring 2017 issue, we are now paying contributors $20 per published piece (or series of pieces in the case of linked micro fictions and prose proems).


Books by Spartan Contributors

by Ross McMeekin

Congratulations to our contributors for their 2016 and 2017 book publications.



Donna Miscolta – Hola and Goodbye (Carolina Wren Press)

Jensen Beach – Swallowed by the Cold (Graywolf)

Ben Tanzer – Be Cool (Dock Street Press)

Jodi Paloni – They Could Live With Themselves (Press 53)

Allegra Hyde – Of This New World (Iowa Short Fiction Award)

Len Kuntz – I’m Not Supposed to Be Here and Neither Are You (Unknown Press)

Paul Luikart – Animal Heart (Hyperborea Press)

Bernard Grant - Fly Back at Me (Yellow Chair Press) and Puzzle Pieces (Paper Nautilus)


Forthcoming in 2017

Ben Loory – Tales of Falling and Flying (Penguin)

Tatiana Ryckman – I Don’t Think of You (Until I Do) (Future Tense Press)

Submissions are now open...

by Ross McMeekin

...for our Spring 2015 Issue.

Also, you'll notice we don't have a Winter 2014 Issue. That is because our 2014 Print Annual will be arriving within a couple of weeks! 

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